Thursday, July 22, 2010

Progress and the 3 Year Old

Just about since Danny was born, most people have agreed that he was a carbon copy of Alan. I've often joked that I was just an incubator for that child. And then he turned 2 ... and then 3 a few months ago. Well, he still looks like Alan, but he's got my personality! Determined (stubborn), passionate (emotional) and selective (picky). Feeding him has been a challenge since he started solids. Last fall, we finally raised the red flag and made accomodations for his eating habits that Jason never got away with. He got to eat yogurt when the rest of us ate chicken.

Last week, Alan and I decided that he was officially old enough to eat only what the rest of us were eating. He was already used to the fruit first, candy last rule, so we gave it a try. Imagine my surprise when he agreed to eat spaghetti! The next morning, he was picking out a cereal and wanted to try a new one - shredded mini wheats. Later that afternoon, I was going to trim Jason's hair and Danny insisted that he get a haircut, too. I began to wonder who switched children with me in the middle of the night! As Granmommy put it, he's not 2 anymore!

Alas, last night, dinner came. The chicken was unfavorable and he chose to go to bed hungry. Progress can only happen so fast, you know!

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